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Blog luv, 2 av 7

I forigår fant jeg ut at jeg hadde fått I luv your blog award hos Kristin. Nå deler jeg ut min andre award!

Crooked Timber

Today’s winner of the prestigious loves your blog award is Crooked Timber, a blogging collective. CT makes you believe in universities and academia again. The contributors are funny, angry, conscientious, knowledgeable and concerned with society; everything you want from an academic and a human being, at the same time.

For a great laugh, go read Daniel Davis’ «In praise of Budweiser» with footnotes and comments. Just read the introductory paragraph:

I tend to regard myself as Crooked Timber's online myrmidon of a number of rather unpopular views; among other things, as regular readers will have seen, I believe that the incitement to religious hatred legislation was a good idea (perhaps badly executed), that John Searle has it more or less correct on the subject of artificial intelligence, that Jacques Derrida deserves his high reputation and that George Orwell was not even in the top three essayists of the twentieth century[1]. I'm a fan of Welsh nationalism. Oh yes, the Kosovo intervention was a crock too. At some subconscious level I am aware that my ideas about education are both idiotic and unspeakable. But I think that all of these causes are regarded as at least borderline sane by at least one fellow CT contributor. There is only one major issue on which I stand completely alone, reviled by all. And it's this; Budweiser (by which I mean the real Budweiser, the beer which has been sold under that brand by Anheuser-Busch since 1876) is really quite a good beer. I have been threatening this post in comments for a while now, and here it is:

I ♥ your blog